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Today In Charleston History: February 5

1698 – Arrivals.  

Nicholas Trott

Nicholas Trott was appointed Attorney General of Carolina. Trott had served the same post in Bermuda. He was the first Carolina official who was trained at the Inns of Court – a professional association for barristers. His uncle, Sir Nicholas Trott, had been governor of the Bahamas and was accused of harboring pirates for personal profit. Edmund Bohun was appointed Chief Justice.


The first recorded earthquake shook the lowcountry.

1755- Walled City

The South Carolina Assembly agreed to hire German-born engineer William De Brahm to build new fortifications under the direction of the Assembly-appointed Commissioners of Fortifications. They decided to concentrate on building up the southeastern seaward side of the peninsula.


gadsdenChristopher Gadsden defended the Assembly’s decision to cease all business until a disputed election issue was settled. It was an early declaration of the “natural rights” philosophy which would soon sweep the American colonies during the opposition against British policies. Gadsden called their action: 

Absolutely necessary, and the only step that a free assembly, freely representing a free people, that have any regard for the preservation of the happy constitution handed down to them by their ancestors, their own most essential welfare, and that of their posterity, could freely take. ‘Tis a joke to talk of individual liberty of free men, unless a collective body, freely chosen from amongst themselves are empowered to watch and guard it.


John Rutledge was elected Governor of South Carolina, replacing Lowndes as chief executive.

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