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Today In Charleston History: February 4


 First recorded snowfall in Charlestown.


GSTS69420 II-10The Methodist Meeting House was completed on Cumberland Street, across from the Powder Magazine. The Charleston Methodists raised so much money that the church was debt free when Rev. John Tunnel held his first service.

A few months later, Bishop Francis Asbury preached a sermon at the Cumberland Street Church. A mob of Methodist haters gathered on the street and hurled bricks and stones through the window. Some female members were so frightened that they escaped through the side windows. Bishop Asbury continued the sermon during the attack.

The hatred toward the Methodist church was rooted in two things: their public stance against slavery, and their enthusiastic mode of worship, which was the polar opposite of the more reserved Anglican (Church of England) service. Methodist ministers had been openly critical of the Anglican Church, which created an atmosphere of confrontation.  

Site of the First Methodist Church Marker

First Methodist Church marker on Cumberland Street, Charleston, SC. Photo by Mike Stroud, 2011

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