Today In Charleston History – August 30

1706 – Queen Anne’s War

At daybreak, Captain Cantey and 100 militia from Charles Town attacked the French, driving them back across Shem Creek. Several French drowned and fifty-eight French prisoners were taken. One Charles Town militia was killed. 

1778 – Duel

Gen. Robert Howe

The duel between General Robert Howe and Vice President Christopher Gadsden took place. Howe demanded satisfaction from Gadsden, due to the unflattering letter that Gadsden had written about Howe’s military ability.  Col. Charles Pinckney served as Howe’s second, while Col. Bernard Elliot served that role for Gadsden.

Howe missed his first shot at eight paces, grazing Gadsden’s ear. Gadsden then intentionally fired into the air and demanded Howe fire a second time. Howe refused. The two men shook hands and parted.