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Today In Charleston History: September 20


Reverend Gideon Johnston was not impressed at what he found in Charles Town. He wrote:

The people here, generally speaking, are the vilest race of men upon earth. They have neither honor, nor honesty, nor religion enough to entitle them to any tolerable character, being a perfect Medley of hotch-potch made up of bankrupt pirates, decayed libertines … who have transported themselves hither from Bermudas, Jamaica, Barbados, Montserat, Antego, Nevio, New England, Pennsylvania … Most of those that pretend to be churchmen are strongly crippled in their goings…

The population of Carolina was 9580 souls which included:

  • 2260 free men and women
  • 120 white servant males and females
  • 1700 white free children
  • 2900 Negro men and women slaves
  • 1100 Indian men and women slaves
  • 1200 Negro children slaves
  • 300 Indian children slaves

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