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Today In Charleston History: September 19


 A new election law was passed, dividing the representation of Carolina into parishes. It remained that way until the Revolutionary period.


The chapel at the Charleston Orphan House opened. Designed and constructed by Gabriel Manigault, the Gentleman Architect, it was completed in less than one year. Baptist minister, Rev. Richard Furman, preached the dedication sermon.

Charleston Orphan House Chapel, 13 Vanderhorst Street

Charleston Orphan House Chapel, 13 Vanderhorst Street


A letter by Angelina Grimke, decrying the mob violence against abolitionist literature, was published by William Lloyd Garrison in his paper, The Liberator.

I can hardly express to thee the deep and solemn interest with which I have viewed the violent proceedings of the last weeks. The ground upon which you stand is holy ground: never – never surrender it. If you surrender it, the hope of the slave is extinguished. If persecution is the means by which God has ordained for the accomplishment of this great end, EMANCIPATION; then … I feel as if I could say, LET IT COME, for it is my deep, solemn deliberate conviction, that this is a cause worth dying for.

Understanding that the publication of this letter had burned all her Southern bridges, Angelina later wrote in her diary:

To have the name of Grimke associated with that of the despised Garrison seemed like bringing disgrace upon my family, not myself alone … I cannot describe the anguish of my soul. Nevertheless I could not blame the publication of the letter, nor would I have recalled it if I could.

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