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Today In Charleston History: August 24

1706 – Queen Anne’s War.

A Dutch privateer sloop belonging to Captain Stool from New York anchored in Charles Town. Stool reported that while in St. Augustine they learned that a French ship was planning to attack Carolina. While he was making his report, five columns of smoke appeared on Sullivan’s Island, the signal that a fleet was off the bar.

It was a French squadron from Martinique led by Captain De Feboure which included the frigate Soleil (22 guns), two 8-gun sloops, two smaller sloops and a galley. On board were more than 700 Spanish soldiers.

Some of the Spanish landed on James Island and burned a plantation.

miles brewton house

Miles Brewton House, 27 King Street, Charleston, SC

Miles Brewton, Charleston merchant, set sail for Philadelphia with his wife and three children. They were never seen or heard from again, and were listed as “lost at sea.” His sister, Rebecca Brewton Motte, inherited Mount Joseph, her brother’s plantation on the Congaree River in St. Matthews Parish, the Miles Brewton House on King Street in Charleston and one of South Carolina’s largest fortunes.

After Charles Town surrendered to the British, following a 40-day bombardment, the Miles Brewton House became British HQ for General  Clinton and Lord Rawdon.  In 1865, the house became HQ for Union Generals Meade and Hatch. 


Thomas Heyward, Jr.

The Agricultural Society of South Carolina was founded. Thomas Heyward, Jr invited a select group of planters to the Exchange Bldg. for “the purpose of forming a Society in this state to encourage Agriculture and other Rural Concerns.”

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  1. The Miles Brewton House was also the birth place in 1802 of Aaron Burr Alston, the son of Theodosia Burr Alston and grandson of Aaron Burr.


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