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NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (But Should Be) – Amazing Rhythm Aces

Amazing Rhythm Aces

The Amazing Rhythm Aces1The Aces came out of Memphis, TN.  in 1972. At the recommendation of Barry “Byrd” Burton, who was engineering and producing at the famous Sam Phillips Recording Studio they recorded and developed a sound mixing of pop, country and blue-eyed soul, led by the literate and often quirky lyrics, and distinctive vocals by lead singer/songwriter Russell Smith. They have released 18 LPs over 30s.

Their first LP, Stacked Deck, was a hit, powered by the Top 10 country & pop,(and  now-classic) song, “Third Rate Romance.” In 1976 they earned a Grammy for “Best Vocal Performance” for “The End Is Not In Sight.” With their music described as “roots rock”, “country rock” mixing reggae, blues, country, bluegrass, rock and folk, the Aces were too eclectic to ever have consistent mainstream success. But their musical legacy today can be heard in most modern country and Americana music. The Aces are a band musicians love to love.


  1. Third Rate Romance
  2. Hit The Nail On The Head … 3.19
  3. The End Is Not In Sight (the Cowboy Song) … 5: 43
  4. Typical American Boy … 9.26
  5. Who Will the Next Fool Be? … 12.55
  6. Amazing Grace (Used To Be Her Favorite Song) … 16.32
  7. I Got The Feeling … 20.21
  8. Out Of The Storm … 26.04
  9. DUI/SOL … 29.43
  10. Thangamalang … 33.01
  11. I’m A Dog …37.14

Recommended listening: Stacked Deck; Too Stuffed to Jump; Nothin’ But The Blues; Full House, Aces High.

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