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The Short Drop: A Review

This is an impressive novel – even more so because it is the author’s debut. Matthew Fitzsimmons has written an engrossing political thriller that is filled with complexity but is easy to read and follow.

short dropThe novel opens on the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of Suzanne Lombard. Her disappearance became one of those national stories that was covered 24/7 for weeks and weeks by the media, mainly due to her father – who was a U.S. Senator at the time, currently the vice president and a presidential candidate. Ten years later, when a new photo of Suzanne appears Gibson Vaughn is approached by a private investigation team to assist in a new inquiry into Suzanne’s case.

Gibson was the son of Senator Lombard’s chief political advisor and best friend to Suzanne. However, after Suzanne’s disappearance, Gibson’s father commits suicide, and soon after, the teenage Gibson is arrested for hacking into the Senator’s private computer files, releasing damaging info. Due to his age, the judge gives Gibson an alternative –go to prison for 10 years, or join the marines, and upon completion of his military career, his criminal record will be expunged.  

Even though Gibson keeps his end of the deal, when released from military service, he discovers it difficult to find more than a low-level IT job and suspects V-P Lombard still holds a grudge. Then, Gibson is shown the new photo of Suzanne and asked to join the investigation …

To say any more about the plot would be unfair. The book practically gallops along, with fascinating twists and turns. The major characters are all fascinating and the mystery of a “what happened to Suzanne” is tantalizing. Go and read. You will not be sorry.

5 palmettos

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