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Today In Charleston History: July 13


1769-American Revolution – Foundations

The South Carolina Gazette contained advertisements that called for the merchants to meet at Dillon’s Tavern and the mechanics and planters at the Liberty Tree to discuss the Townsend Duties Act. All agreed that “taxation without representation” was the main grievance.

1787-Constitutional Convention

Indian Queen Tavern

Menassah Cutler, noted in his journal that he saw James Madison, George Mason, Alexander Hamilton, John Rutledge and Charles Pinckney having dinner at the Indian Queen Tavern at the corner of Market and Third streets.  Most historians interpret this meeting as a backroom deal on the slavery question.

Pierce Butler of South Carolina introduced the Fugitive Slave law.

1804-Burr-Hamilton Duel

Vice president Aaron Burr wrote to his son-in-law, Joseph Alston, in Charleston:

General Hamilton died yesterday. The malignant federalists … unite in endeavouring to excite public sympathy in his favour and indignation against his antagonist … I propose leaving town for a few days, and meditate also a journey for a few weeks … 

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