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Today In Charleston History: July 8

1779-American Revolution. Slavery

The legislature rejected “with horror” a Congressional recommendation that South Carolina “raise three thousand black soldiers.” Christopher Gadsden wrote that this “dangerous and impolitic Step … much disgusted us.” 

1781-British Occupation
Issac Hayne

Issac Hayne

Col. Issac Hayne was arrested by the British who came to rescue General Williamson. Lord Rawdon, living at Miles Brewton’s house on King Street, decided to make an example out of Hayne – to send the message to other men who swore allegiance to the British, but continued to fight for the Patriots. Without an official court martial, Rawdon ordered Hayne’s execution.

Hayne was held prisoner in the Provost dungeon of the Exchange building.

1864-Bombardment of Charleston   

Gus Smythe wrote to his mother:

The shells that are coming to us are the large ones, & they do make a pretty noise when they burst. Not every close to the Steeple however. The nearest have been in Chalmers St. This [St. Michael’s Church] is quite a lion now of the city, & every young lady who comes to town, must go up the Steeple. The view up here is beautiful, besides the interest one naturally takes in looking at the various batteries.


 The Board of Park Commissioners approved the name of the new park on the site of the Exposition. It was to be named in honor of Wade Hampton, former Civil War general and South Carolina governor.

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