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Today In Charleston History: July 2

1678-Port Statistics

Joseph West noted that he received from Stephen Clay, master of the ketch Industrey:

  • 1 Pipe (125 gallons) of Madea
  • 32 barrels of Muscovado sugar
  • 12 barrels and 3 hogshead of Rum (appx 1000 gallons)
  • 7 barrels of Lime juice
  • 9 sails
  • 2 anchors – weight 570 lbs.
  • 11 bundles of rod iron
  • 13 bars of flat iron
  • 1 barrel of cotton seeds
  • 7 Negroes by name Cassado, Cottobo, Veter, Aboy, Sarah, Moheille & Rose
1681- England

Anthony Ashley Cooper

Lord Ashley Cooper was arrested for treason and placed in the Tower of London. The charge stemmed from Ashley’s staunch opposition to Charles II’s Catholic brother, James, Duke of York, succeeding to the throne. Cooper had long advocated banning all 16,000 English Catholics from living within ten miles of London.

1822-Denmark Vesey Rebellion

Between six and eight in the morning, the first executions of the slave rebellion took place. The executed were:

  • Batteau Bennett: One of three slaves who was owned by South Carolina governor Thomas Bennett.
  • Ned Bennett: The judges commented that “from his looks it was impossible to discover or conjecture what were his feelings.”
  • Rolla Bennett: Reportedly “laughed aloud” when taken from his cell on the morning of execution.
  • Jesse Blackwood: Visited by a white minister on the morning on his execution Blackwood stated his “mind was placid and calm” and “he was prepared to meet his God.”
  • Peter Poyas: Also reportedly laughed aloud when taken from his cell to execution. When once asked how firm his commitment was to the rebellion, Peter struck his hand against an oak tree and claimed “firm as this.”
  • Denmark Vesey: He reportedly called out to his fellow prisoners in the Guard House to “Die like a Man!”

Only Vesey died quickly of a broken neck. The other five slowly strangled, their legs kicking in the air. Captain Dove dispatched the strangling slaves with pistol shots to their heads.

1864-Bombardment of Charleston 

Gen. Foster devised a plan to take the city of Charleston. The Federals launched an attack at Fort Johnson on James Island with 2500 troops, landing on the beach from barges. The Federal ironclads bombarded the fort from the harbor. The battle was over quickly, with 130 Confederate troops defeating the larger Federal force. Gen. Jones received a message from Lt. Col. Yates from Ft. Johnson:

We lost but one man killed; had but 90 men in fight against 1000 of the enemy. We captured 150 prisoners, 1 colonel, 1 Lieutenant colonel, 1 adjutant, and 2 other officers.

Grounds of the Expo

Grounds of the Expo

Congress allocated $160,000 to help pay the debts of the South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition.


 During a heavy rainstorm that lasted several days, four small alligators fell on Anson Street.


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