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Today In Charleston History: June 26

Arthur Middleton

Arthur Middleton

Arthur Middleton, son of Henry Middleton, was born on the family plantation “The Oaks” in Goose Creek.

1773-American Revolution – Foundations.  

More tea arrived in Charlestown and was stored in the Exchange basement. A “mob of several hundred men” chased Capt. Maitland from his ship, which was moved from the wharf in fear of it being burned. 


Mr. Godwin, formerly of the David Douglass Company of Comedians, built Harmony Hall north of Boundary Street. Since it was outside the city limits Godwin did not have to pay the £100 license fee the city charged theater owners. However, his theater drew a rougher crowd than the usual aristocratic patrons in town, bringing condemnation from most city officials.

1822-Denmark Vesey Rebellion.

Denmark Vesey was put on trial. William Paul, Joe LaRoche, Frank Ferguson and Rolla Bennett testified against Vesey.

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