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Today In Charleston History: May 26


For the first time in Charles Town records, names of individual Jews appear on the roll register for full citizenship:

  • Simon Valentine, a merchant from New York
  • Jacob Mendis, from the Caribbean
  • Abraham Avilia, from the Caribbean
1836 – Slavery.

The Pinckney Resolutions, introduced by Henry Laurens Pinckney, passed the U.S. House of Representatives with a vote of 117 to 68. It stated that Congress had no constitutional authority to interfere with slavery in the states and imposed the Gag Rule that forbade the raising, consideration or discussion of abolition.

Henry L. Pinckney

Henry L. Pinckney

Pinckney was born in Charleston and graduated from South Carolina College (now the University of South Carolina) in 1812. He studied law and was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Charleston. He served as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1816–1832). In 1819 he founded the Charleston Mercury and was its sole editor for fifteen years. Between 1829 and 1840, he served six terms as intendant or mayor of Charleston. He died in Charleston, South Carolina, February 3, 1863, and was buried in the Circular Congregational Church.

 1864-Bombardment of Charleston.  
Gen. John G. Foster

Gen. John G. Foster

Gen. John G. Foster became commander of the Federal forces in Charleston. He had been an engineer during the construction of Ft. Sumter, and was second in command during the battle of Ft. Sumter, on April 12, 1861.

His first order was to increase the number of shells being thrown daily into the city.

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