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Today In Charleston History: May 14

General_Monck, by David_Loggan, 1661, National Portrait Gallery, London

General Monck, by David Loggan, 1661, National Portrait Gallery, London

With the military support of General George Monck, governor of Scotland and Duke of Albemarle, Charles II was proclaimed king of England. For his service, Monck was named one of the original Lords Proprietors of Carolina in 1663.

1729 – Royal Colony

King George bought out the Lords Proprietors, finalizing South Carolina’s transformation into a Royal Colony. The agreed payment was £2500 sterling ($250,000) and £5000 sterling to cover incidental expenses.

1802 – Aaron Burr

Vice President Aaron Burr dined at the Carolina Coffee-House at 120 East Bay Street in the company of Captain John Blake. Eighteen toasts were drunk during the evening. Burr was in Charleston to visit his daughter, Theodosia, on the occasion of the birth of her son. 

1838 – Marriage

In Philadelphia, Angelina Grimke of Charleston married Theodore Weld, editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Emancipator.  The ceremony was attended by eighty mixed race guests. Their wedding cake was made by a Negro confectioner, using only “free sugar” – sugar not harvested and manufactured by a slave system.

1863 – Abolition

 Angelina Grimke Weld attended the national convention of the American Anti-Slavery Society. She gave a speech titled “Address to the Soldiers of our Second Revolution” and stated:

My country is bleeding, my people are perishing around me, but I feel as a South Carolinian, I am bound to tell the North, go on! go on! Never falter, never abandon the principles which you have adopted. 

Angelina Grimke Weld

Angelina Grimke Weld


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