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Today In Charleston History: May 9

1780-The Siege of Charlestown

Sir Henry Clinton refused Gen. Lincoln’s terms of surrender for Charlestown and ordered hostilities to commence at 8:00 pm. Lt. Colonel Grimke wrote it was “a most furious cannonade & bombardment which continued throughout the night.” Overnight the British launched 814 shots into the city, and the Americans responded with 380. Gen. William Moultrie called it “a dreadful night.”

1791 – George Washington in Charleston
Pierce Butler

Pierce Butler

 Early in the morning Washington left for Savannah in the company of Gov. Charles Pinckney, Gen. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Sen. Pierce Butler. They escorted Washington to his cousin’s (Col. William Washington) plantation Sandy Hill for the evening meal and lodgings. Butler remained with President Washington for the entire journey to Savannah, where Butler owned several plantations on St. Simon’s Island. 

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