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Today In Charleston History: May 5


A lot was conveyed by Ralph and Mary Izard to James Nichols “for the use of the community of the French church in Charles Town.” The lot was located at the corner of Dock and Church Streets and is currently the site of the 1845 Gothic French Huguenot Church.

French Huguenot Church postcard

French Huguenot Church postcard

 1780-The Seige of Charlestown.

Col. Banastre Tarleton defeated a large American cavalry, capturing sixty-seven officers and more than 100 horses.

May 5, 1791

Washington visited Fort Johnson (James Island) and Fort Moultrie (Sullivan’s Island). For the evening Washington was once again entertained at the Exchange at a dinner hosted by Gov. Pinckney and other principal gentlemen of the city.

The dinner must have been as spectacular as the previous evening for Washington wrote in his diary “there were at least 400 ladies – the Number & appearance of which exceeded anything of the kind I had ever seen.”


Charles Pinckney

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