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Today In Charleston History: March 14  


Peter Girad wrote that there were 195 French Protestants in Charles Town.

1740 – Religion
George Whitefield

George Whitefield

Rev. George Whitefield warned that God had been:

Contending with the people of South Carolina … for two years with disease, the Stono Rebellion … God has quarreled with you, for your abuse of and cruelty to the poor negroes.

While in Charlestown he conducted public services that disregarded the Book of Common Prayer, an offense against the church of which he was a licensed minister. Rev. Alexander Garden called on him to explain his offense.


Daniel Moore, new customs collector, was determined to use the position to increase his personal wealth. He increased collection fees, strictly enforced the coastal trade regulations and colluded with customs searcher, George Roupell, to “set a new standard for rapaciousness.” This angered many of the local merchants, including Henry Laurens who organized the merchants in an attempt to isolate the Royal officials.

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