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Today In Charleston History: March 8

1770 – American Revolution – Foundations

In the Gazette, Peter Timothy reported that British merchants had lost £300,000 sterling just in the loss of slave trading, an unreasonable sacrifice in an attempt to raise £13,000 sterling. 


During his visit to Charleston, Josiah Quincy wrote in his diary of his evening at the Miles Brewton House, 27 King Street:

Dined with a large company at Miles Brewton’s, Esq. a gentleman of a very large fortune – a most superb house, said to have cost him £8000 sterling. The grandest hall I ever beheld, azure blue satin window curtains, rich blue paper with gilt … most elegant pictures … a most elegant table, three courses, jellies, preserves, sweet meats, etc … After dinner, two sorts of nuts, almonds, raisins, three sorts of olives, apples, oranges … by odds the richest wines I ever tasted.

Miles Brewton House

Miles Brewton House

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