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Today In Charleston History: January 11

1775 – American Revolution – Foundations
Exchange Building

Exchange Building

Carolina’s First Provincial Congress convened at the Old Exchange. Charles Pinckney, was chosen as President and Peter Timothy (editor of the South Carolina Gazette) as Secretary. Populated with former members of the Assembly, it declared itself the government of South Carolina independent from British authority.

The General Meeting was to discuss the recommendations of the Continental Congress, which included: 

  • a compact among the colonies to boycott British goods
  •  to provide for a Second Continental Congress to meet on May 10, 1775

 This meeting was the most democratic assembly in South Carolina’s history, consisting of 184 delegates from every part of the colony, including the backcountry.

1777 – American Revolution. Religion

Rev. William Tennant of the Independent Church, and also a member of the Legislature, introduced legislation to disestablish the Church of England in South Carolina. He argued that a State Church discouraged freedom, that goal of the Revolution. 

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