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Today In Charleston History: January 7

Sir John Yeamans

Sir John Yeamans

The Concessions and Agreements between the Lords Proprietors and Sir John and William Yeamans was finalized. This document provided the guidelines for governing and distributing land in Carolina. John became a governor of the fledgling colony and one of its most vital founding fathers. 

1864 – Bombardment of Charleston

The chief commissary gave Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard a report on the availability of meat:

My report of stores on hand made this day shows the stock of meats. The results are not encouraging, and future prospects are bad. Cattle are very scarce. It is said many hogs have died of an epidemic … I respectfully suggest that an order be promptly issued restricting the shipment of all subsistence out of the state … without an early remedy it will be very difficult to get bread before the year closes.

    1865 – Bombardment of Charleston

Five shells were thrown into Charleston, the first since December 20.

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