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Today In Charleston History: December 16


The Assembly voted 24-6 to suspend all other business until Governor Thomas Boone apologized for violating the rights and privilege of the House. They also sent a full account to London, asking British officials to decide the issue. They also suspended the governor’s salary. From now on, the Assembly would become more assertive in their relationship with British officials.


Rev. Daniel Jenkins founded the Orphan Aid Society for black children in Charleston. 


WashRaceCourse1864_650x650The first horse race was held at the South Carolina West Indian Exposition. A smaller (half mile), private track had been built on the former Washington Race Course. A stable for more than 500 horses were constructed. Races were offered daily. An admission price was levied so that “undesirable characters may be discouraged from entering.” However, a “blind tiger” (illegal saloon) operated near the race course. Ultimately, the race course failed, and by the end of the Exposition it was closed.

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