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Today In Charleston History: December 4

1832 – Nullification Crisis.

Pres. Andrew Jackson assigned Major General Winfield Scott to take charge of all federal forces in South Carolina.

1833 – Slavery.

The American Anti-Slavery Society was formed in Philadelphia, Robert Purvis, a mulatto born in Charleston helped abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison establish the Society and signed its “Declaration of Sentiments.”

Robert Purvis

Robert Purvis

Purvis was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1810. His father was an English immigrant to Charleston, William Purvis. His mother, Harriet Judah, was a free woman of color, the daughter of former slave Dido Badaraka and Baron Judah, a Jewish American born in Charleston. Robert’s grandmother, Badaraka, had been kidnapped at age 12 from Morocco and transported to the colonies on a slave ship.  She was sold as a slave in Charleston. She was freed at age 19 by her master’s will. She then married Baron Judah, who was born in Charleston, the third of ten children of Hillel Judah, a German Jewish immigrant, and Abigail Seixas, his Sephardic Jewish wife, a native of Charleston.

1864 – Bombardment of Charleston.  

The Union and Confederate prisoner exchanges between resumed in Charleston harbor. A cease-fire was negotiated to last the duration of the exchange.

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