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Today In Charleston History: November 25


An advertisement for Henry Laurens’ business in the South Carolina Gazette read:

JUST IMPORTED in the Billander London Cap. Youn from Bristol and Capt. Allenby from Lancanshite, Oznabrugs, Irish shirting and sheeting, Linnen, sheat lead, bullets, shot, bottled beer and cyder, writing paper, paving stones, grind stones and millstones, Cornish tiles, white lead, tobacco plugs, iron pots, all sorts of nails, striped duffils, Tarrington rugs, linseed oil, Gloucestire, Lancashire and Cheshire cheese, butter, fine mould tallow candles, currans and raisins in small jars, earthen ware, best sail cloth, crown glass 8 by 10 and 9 by 11, empty quart bottles and coals – also imported, a parcel of muscavado sugar in barrels and three negro men to be sold by Austin and Laurens.


Henry Laurens Pinckney, son of Charles Pinckney, was elected to the South Carolina House at age twenty-two. He had graduated as valedictorian at South Carolina College (now the University of South Carolina) four years before.

citadel yearbook 1920 - cornerstone

Citadel Yearbook -1920.

With much pomp and pageantry, the cornerstone of the new Citadel campus was laid on Thanksgiving Day. Samuel T. Lanham, head of the Masonic Lodge of South Carolina, laid the stone, wearing a piece of jewelry that Marquis de Lafayette had given the Masons during his 1825 visit.

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