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Today In Charleston History: November 11

  1775 – American Revolution

hog islandSouth Carolina’s first Revolutionary War naval skirmish took place. William Henry Drayton., president of the Second Provisional Congress of South Carolina,  was on board the newly-commissioned South Carolina schooner Defence, supervising the sinking of the hulks in the Hog Island channel. Captain Edward Thornbrough ordered six shots fired from the HMS Tamar and HMS Cherokee. Drayton replied with his nine-pounders. Over the next several hours the British fired 130 ineffective shots, which rallied public opinion to the side of the Revolutionaries. Lord William Campbell was aboard the Cherokee during the battle.


Charles Pinckney, deeply in debt, signed an agreement with his creditors for a group of trustees to sell his property, which included:

  • 500 acres on the Black and Pee Dee Rivers near Georgetown
  • 1200 acres on the Lynches River
  • 815 acres at Snee Farm
  • Shell Hall, his house at Haddrell’s Point
  • His mansion on Meeting Street
  • Two tracts of land from his father-in-law, Henry Laurens – one in Savannah and one called Mount Tacitus on the Santee River which included a lumber mill and Pinckney’s Ferry
  • 240 slaves

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