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Today In Charleston History: November 8  


Philip Ludwell

Sir Nathaniel Johnson led the “Goose Creek men” in opposition against Governor Sothell, forcing his retirement.  The Lords Proprietors appointed Philip Ludwell “Governor and Comander in Cheif [sic] of Carolina” with the authority “to apoint [sic] a Deputy Governor of North Carolina.” 

Colonel Ludwell lived at Middle Plantation (which later became Williamsburg) in the Colony of Virginia. In 1676, he supported Virginia Governor William Berkeley during Bacon’s Rebellion. Later, Ludwell married Berkeley’s widow, Frances Culpeper Berkeley of Green Spring Plantation. After serving in Carolina, Ludwell returned to Virginia, where he served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses in 1695–96. Around 1700 he moved to England, where he died.

1718 – Piracy

 Stede Bonnet’s crew was found guilty by Judge Trott. The twenty-nine men from his crew were hanged that day. Their bodies were dumped in the marsh beyond the low-water mark.

1781 – American Revolution

Gen. Green established the Continental Army at Round O, about 45 miles west of Charleston.

1786 – Theater

Because of a sore foot, Mr. Godwin of the Harmony Hall theater could not perform his popular comic dance “The Drunken Peasant.” The audience hurled bottles on stage, which Godwin tossed back and charged the audience with a drawn sword.  After the death of his leading lady, Godwin was forced to close his theater.

Poe in uniform

Poe in uniform

Private Edgar Perry (Edgar Allan Poe) arrived on Ft. Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island an articifer – an enlisted tradesman who prepared shells for artillery.

1864 – Bombardment of Charleston

During the overnight Federal bombardment, a shell crashed through the roof of the house of John and Mary Mullane, killing them in their sleep.


To celebrate the conclusion of the South Carolina Institute Fair, a three inning baseball game was played with the Palmettos beating the Schachte team 27-16.

1870 baseball - Atlantics vs. Red Stockings. Harper's Weekly

1870 baseball – Atlantics vs. Red Stockings. Harper’s Weekly

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