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Today In Charleston History: October 30


Sir_Robert_Heath_(State_2)Charles I granted the American territory between the thirty-one- and thirty-six-degrees north latitude to Sir Robert Heath. This land included everything from Florida to the present Cape Fear River and included the Bahamas. The charter was never used. Heath was impeached by Parliament for high treason in 1644. He fled England and died in Calais.

1765, October 30. Stamp Act.  

Attorney Richard Hutson complained that many locals were indifferent, yet they praised the “laudable example of the northern provinces in endeavoring to repel the manifest encroachments on their liberty.”

1935, October 30.

Ethel Barrymore appeared at the Academy of Music in Somerset Maughn’s The Constant Wife.

ethel barrymore

Ethel Barrymore

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