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Today In Charleston History: October 6

1780 -American Revolution

Gov. Rutledge commissioned Thomas Sumter as Brigadier-General in command of all state militia. His instructions to Sumter were to inspire the public, enroll as many men as possible, and be prepared to “co-operate with the Continental forces.”

Rutledge, in order to escape capture by the British, was living in the field, moving from Hillsborough, North Carolina, to Salisbury, to Charlotte, to Cheraw, South Carolina.

1780 – American Revolution – England

Henry_laurensHenry Laurens, was sentenced to the Tower of London for “suspicion of high treason.” His imprisonment was protested by the Americans. Laurens was captured by the British navy while acting as an envoy for the Continental Congress, negotiating treaties with European countries to support the American cause against the British. During his imprisonment, Laurens was assisted by Richard Oswald, his former business partner and the principal owner of Bunce Island. Oswald argued on Laurens’ behalf to the British government.

He was the first American to be imprisoned in the Tower. 

laurens, tower

L: Tower of London. R: Henry Laurens’ room in the Tower. Photos by Mark R. Jones

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