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Today In Charleston History: September 23

1745 – Births.

Issac Hayne was born at Pon Pon Plantation. He later became a martyr to the Patriot cause when he was hanged by British authorities. 

1761 – French and Indian War

A treaty with the Cherokee was signed by Lt. Gov. William Bull at Ashley Ferry Town. The treaty provided:

  • for the Cherokee to surrender all English property
  • the right for the English to build forts anywhere
  • the exclusion of all Frenchmen
  • prompt execution of murderers of white men
  • the restoration of trade between the English and the Cherokee


The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess closed on Broadway after 322 performances, making it the longest production of Porgy and Bess ever staged. This production starring four-time Tony-award winner Audra MacDonald, but, like most productions of Porgy and Bess, it was not without controversy. The producers changed some of the story and music to make it more appealing to modern audiences. The operatic-styled recitatives were replaced by spoken dialogue. Eight-time Tony winner, Stephen Sondheim, also complained that the new title completely ignored Dubose Heyward’s significant contribution to the work.

The production was nominated for ten Tony Awards in 2012 and won the Best Musical Revival. MacDonald won a fifth Tony-award for her performance as Bess.

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