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Today In Charleston History: September 4


William Rhett was born in London, during the Great Fire.  Thirty-two years later he would move to Carolina and become one it’s most prominent citizens.

1766 – Stamp Act.

Thomas Lynch, Christopher Gadsden and John Rutledge sailed for New York on the Carolina Packet to attend the Stamp Act Congress. At age twenty-six, Rutledge was the youngest delegate in attendance.

1786 – Births. Slavery

The building that once housed Jehu Jones’s hotel on Broad Street.

Jehu Jones, Jr., a mulatto, was born in Charleston as a slave. He would later become a successful tailor and gain his freedom in 1798. He operated a successful hotel on Broad Street (next to St. Michael’s church) for many years. 


In one of the stranger events, a shower of warm stones fell from the sky on the offices of the News and Courier – twice! The shower of stones occurred at 7:30 a.m. and the second shower at 1:30 p.m. Coming four days after the devasting earthquake, this event increased the unease of a shocked population. 


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