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Good Money Gone: A Review

Having read Acevedo’s Felix Gomez vampire PI novels, I knew what I was going to get … a fast-paced, no-nonsense story, told with economy and grit. This is a slight departure only in the subject matter. Instead of vampires, werewolves and nymphos, we get a giant Ponzi scheme evidently based on a true story which Acevedo was hired to co-write with one of the people involved, Richard Killborn. 

good money gonePanama: a tropical paradise with an anything-goes attitude. Bring your wish list. It’s a place to start. Or to start over. Where the best of intentions are dazzled by the glitter of easy money. Steven McKay chases the quick bucks in offshore finance, playing fast and loose with his scruples until he discovers he’s merely one cog in a vast Ponzi scheme. Even as his paranoid boss puts the screws to everyone inside the conspiracy, McKay races to save his clients-and his skin-before the rotten machine grinds to a halt under the weight of sleaze, greed, and criminal investigations. He realizes too late that his dream for wealth and fortune was nothing but Good Money Gone.

This is a fascinating character study on greed and having it all, well-written and a page turner. Finished it in 3 sittings.

4 palmettos

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