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Today In Charleston History: August 8


1781 – The Royal Gazette [Charlestown] wrote: 

Mr. Issac Hayne, who since the capitulation of Charlestown, had taken protection, and acknowledged himself a subject of his Majesty’s Government, having notwithstanding been taken in arms, and at the head of a Rebel Regiment of Militia, was therefore on Saturday morning last, executed as a Traitor.

1819 – Judge John Grimke died. Judge John Grimke fell seriously ill in March. His Charleston doctors advised him to seek treatment with the foremost surgeon in American, Dr. Phillip Synge Physick of Philadelphia. Sarah Grimke accompanied her father. Physick, a Quaker, found lodgings for Sarah in a Quaker boardinghouse.

grimke, sarahFor the first time, Sarah  was surrounded by people who were NOT southern and held social views that were more in line with Sarah. It was the beginning of a life-altering change for Sarah, and ultimately, her younger sister, Angelina. The sisters became two of the most famous abolitionists within 20 years.  

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